Linksys WAP54G Wireless BridgeInstallation & Setup

Please note the purpose of this installation and setup document is to setup two Linksys WAP54G access points in WIRELESS BRIDGE mode. Wireless Bridge mode will only work between two Linksys WAP54G APs. You may also use part of the following document to access the web-based utility in configuring a Linksys WAP54G access point. The following are simply guidelines and HD Communications Corp. is not responsible if you misconfigure any wirless 2.4 GHz device using any or part of this document. Please consult with the User's Guide found on the CD that comes with your Linksys WAP54G for complete setup details that may not be listed below.

Begin setup with each WAP54G at the same location (at the same PC).

Important Setup Note: When setting up your WAP54G access points at the same PC, that PC must be on the same IP network in order to access the web-based utility of the AP. For instance, the default IP of your WAP54G is which means you should set your PC's static IP (Network Connections/Properties/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)/Properties) to 192.168.1.xx (xx being an unused IP address on your existing network). Configuration must be done using a hub or directly to a computer's NIC card. Configuration will not work on the second WAP54G if you are plugging it into a switch. Most switches retain the IP from the previous WAP54G in its switch table and will not allow you to switch it. After the WAP54G’s are configured you may then plug them into a switch, hub, or directly to a computer.

Connect one WAP54G to a hub or directly to your computer. Once you have set the static IP of that PC to
192.168.1.xx, open your web browser (Internet Explorer) type in (the default IP address of a Linksys WAP54G) in the URL address field; press the ENTER key. The Password Screen will appear. Leave the User Name field blank. The first time you open this web-based utility, the default password will be admin. You can set a new password fromthe Password tab.

The web browser setup screen will now appear. Set the IP address as Under the "Setup" tab, set "Wireless Mode" to G Only. Click "apply." Under the "AP Mode" tab, change "AP Mode" to "Wireless Bridge" mode and type in the LAN MAC address of the second WAP54G in the first (of 4 fields) below. Click "apply." Write down the LAN MAC address that is listed towards the top of this page (or on the underside of the WAP54G). You will need to put this address into the same field of the second WAP54G when you set up that WAP54G.

Now disconnect the first WAP54G and connect the second WAP54G. Open your web browser and type in (again) in the URL address field; press the ENTER key. The Password Screen will appear. Leave the User Name field blank; the password will be admin. Set this IP address as Under the "Setup" tab, set "Wireless Mode" to G Only. Click "apply." Under the "AP Mode" tab, change "AP Mode" to "Wireless Bridge" mode and type in the LAN MAC address of the first WAP54G in the first (of 4 fields) below. Click "apply."

Good news; you're almost there!

As a test, while the second WAP54G is still connected to your PC, plug the first WAP54G into a power source. You should be able to ping the static IP of the first WAP54G and receive a reply back. Both WAP54G’s are ready to go.

At this point you will connect the antenna cable to the right-hand antenna port of each device.
Please note that when adding a high-gain antenna to one of the WAP54G's antenna ports, you must change the antenna selection within the ADVANCED WIRELESS SCREEN in setup to the RIGHT ANTENNA SELECTION. The right antenna port is on the right when you are looking at the LEDs on the front panel of the WAP54G. Remove the factory antenna and connect the cable to that port.

Mount the antenna in a location that will provide both antennas the best
Line Of Sight. Make sure the antenna is pointed in the direction of the second location. All outdoor connections need to be covered with 3M (or equivalent) rubber sealing tape.

Go to the second location. Mount the antenna so that it can see the first antenna (
Line Of Sight). Attach the cables and splitter to the antenna and to the second WAP54G in the same manner as the other side of the bridge.

Good news, you are done. Your networks are connected over this wireless bridge.

Wireless Bridge Guidelines

1) Antennas and lightning arresters are mounted outside your structure.
2) Line-Of-Sight is when you can see from point A to point B and from point B to point A.
3) Trees will effect the performance if they are in the Line-Of-Sight.
4) Data rates vary depending on conditions described below. Customers have reported data rates from 3.5 Mbps to 6.5 Mbps depending on the distance. Quoted manufacturers data rates of 11Mbps are possible but not realistic.
5) Wireless bridges are designed to connect two separate locations and allow data to be transferred between the two locations. Think of it as replacing a Lan cable that had connected the two computers. These kits are only used for point to point communications. Contact tech support for equipment for point to multi-point applications.
6) The HD19696 is the same as the HD19697 but without the WAP11 ver. 2.6 radio's. The same is true for HD20658 and HD20656.
7) HD Communications Corp tech support is limited to setting up the antennas, cables, lighting arrestors, and their proper use and installation. Above are instructions on setting up the wireless bridges. We will only offer tech support on the radios if the radios were purchased from HD Communications Corp.

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