HD Communications is proud to offer you the finest
RF Components available.

RF & Microwave Components

With over 50 years of RF & Microwave experience, HD Communications is proud to offer you the finest RF components available.
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RF Coaxial Attenuators

RF Coaxial Fixed SMA/ Type N from 1.0 Watt - 1000 Watts and DC to 3.0 GHz, and Mechanical Step attenuators.

Low Noise Amplifier
(.01 MHz - 1,000 MHz)

MPL LNA's in other frequency ranges, noise figures and gain levels are available. Outdoor amplifiers and amplifiers that powered over coax as well as laboratory instruments are also available.

Low and Medium Power
Amplifier / Modules

We offer other frequency ranges, different power and other gain levels. Low Power Amplifiers ranges from -40C to +85C

RF Frequency:
Multipliers & Divider/Prescaler

Frequency Doubler
(0.01 GHz - 8.0GHz)

8GHz Model

6GHz Model

4 GHz
Frequency Divider/Prescaler

13 GHz
Frequency Divider/Prescaler

26 GHz
Frequency Divider/Prescaler


Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Horn Antennas

10dB Standard Gain Horn Antennas WR-430 Through WR-28

DC Coupled Amplifier

We offer other frequency ranges, different power output ranges and other gain levels.


Band-Pass Filters


Double Balanced High Isolation - Level 4 Mixers

Amplifier Pallets

FM BROADCAST, VHF, UHF Television, Wideband Amplifiers

Block-Down Frequency Converter


Communication Band
(830 MHz - 1990 MHz)

Discrete Coaxial
(30 MHz - 960 MHz)

Discrete Drop-in
(30 MHz - 960 MHz)

General Coaxial
(300 MHz - 11,500 MHz)

General Drop-in
(400 MHz - 1650 MHz)

High Power Coaxial
(137 MHz - 3,700 MHz)

High Power Drop-in
(300 MHz - 11,500 MHz)

(100 MHz - 1215 MHz)

Octave Circulator
(1 GHz - 18 GHz)

Waveguide Circulator
(3.0 GHz - 31.0 GHz)


Isolator (800-2400 Mhz)

Discrete Drop-in
Isolator (30 MHz - 960 MHz)

General Coaxial
Isolator (300-2200mhz)

General Drop-in
Isolator (400-2200mhz)

High Power Coaxial
Isolator (180 MHz - 2,950 MHz)

High Power Drop-in
Isolator (380 MHz - 2,950 MHz)

Octave Isolator
(1 GHz - 18 GHz)

Waveguide Isolator
(3.0 GHz - 31.0 GHz)

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) For In-Building
and Tunnel Communication Systems

These are customized products, based on your specifications.

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  • VHF Bi-directional Amplifiers
  • UHF Bi-directional Amplifier
  • Distributed Antenna System
  • In-building Wireless Solution
  • DAS
  • BDA
  • In-building Communications

With over 50 years of RF/Microwave experience, HD Communications offers the finest R/F components in the current market

HD Communications Corp. offers Professional Products & Services.

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