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HD Communications Corp. offers an extensive range of RF Microwave Products for the wireless and communication markets. Our technical staff has been serving the electronics, and communication industry for more than 30 years. We welcome you to view our website and as always, feel free to contact our technical support department for any requirements that you may not find solutions for on our website.

30dB High Power Dual Directional Couplers

Welcome to our High Power Dual Directional selection guide

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Additional Couplers

40dB High PowerDual Directional Couplers

50dB High Power Dual Directional Couplers

HD Part #  Frequency (MHz) Power (Watts) Flatness (dB) Loss (dB) Directivity (dB) VSWR (ML) Connectors (ML/Coupled Ports) Out-
HDC5091 0.01-250 100 ±0.50 0.80 20 1.25 N/BNC A
HDC1569 20-200 250 ±0.50 0.25 20 1.10 N/N D
HDC1407 100-500 250 ±0.75 0.25 20 1.25 N/N F
HDC4063 200-1000 100 ±0.50 0.35 20 1.15 N/BNC E
HDC5061 800-1000 500 ±0.20 0.30 25 1.15 N/BNC E

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